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One Page Adventure – A Mage’s Worst Nightmare

I recently entered an adventure in the One Page Dungeon Contest. It was lots of fun and I’m excited to do it again next year! Can’t wait to see the results and read everyone’s awesome adventures! I submitted a dungeon featuring islands falling from the sky, sleeping wizards, puzzles, and dangerous arcane ripples that cause […]

(FREE-Public) Roadside Farm House – Encounter Map

Just a simple encounter map for adventures travelling the farm land roads, The (FREE-Patron) version included grid/nogrid and day/night variations! Here are some of my thoughts when I was making this map. Maybe… -The party has to investigate an attack on the local villagers. -A local farmer has mysteriously gone missing. -Another farmer hired the […]

[FREE-Public] Tomb of the Sacred Sapphire – One Page Adventure

Here is a small One Page Adventure with an 11X17 dungeon map for those panic-inducing moments were you need a quick and condensed session!  This adventure was built with a low level party in mind, anywhere between 1st-3rd level. It could be used as a simple side quest in-between major events, a small one-shot, or […]